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help from above. help from above.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This artwork has a lot of small details, anatomy seems Ok, perspective is really cool, but you shouldn't be joining the beginner category, this artwork is decent for lvl99 regular category, by joining the beginner category you are just crushing chances of wining for people who really ARE "beginners". That's why its called "Beginner category" after all, so people who draw beneath "line of decent artwork" can win something, this is obviously above it, just compare you're entry with other entrys from b-lvl99 tag. People are always learning and i dont think thats an excuse to join the beginner category. But still, nice job on the artwork, i like it.

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neviens responds:

Thx. :)

For me, i'm just, you know. Not so confident.
You know, each has its own vision. Have they see things.
In my eyes beginners is right place.
Clearly i have to join them.

To the end of the world To the end of the world

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing, i loved it, in what program where u drawing this, with what tablet and how long did you need for this masterpiece?

And btw, can someone help me? Ive put tag for the challenge b-lvl99 but when i search for that tag, my work doesnt show up, is that normal or am i doing something wrong?

Istrandar responds:

I am using photoshop with a wacom bamboo simple (the small and cheapest one). I just use photoshop and I have no idea how long it took me. I just make it and I don't look to the time XD.
I would say around 7/10h
I just found one picture with b-lvl99, this is kind of weird. Maybe it is because your are unscouted ?
I am new to newground but the scouting system allow you to show your art on the art page so it may be this.
Also did you checked the "public work" stuff when you posted it ? If not this may be the cause. (you can edit your picture by clicking on the red pen in top right when looking at it").
And by the way your entry is cool !

Mario level cap Mario level cap

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Amazing, LOVE IT!!!! How did you do that fine shadowing on his shell, what program are you using?

ubranar responds:

Used multiply layer for drop shadows, I'm using photoshop. Thank you!